She walked down the hill bleeding with wounds all over her body, She’s broken with no hope for healing. With all the blood and tears dripping down from all over her body. She pushed through, she looked up and saw the light that kept her moving, The Northern Light up in the sky which rumoured would bring a new hope and a new beginning for a broken soul.

She kept on going, for the light was her last hope, she walked with all the wounds, people looking at her with a despise look for they thought that the Northern Light story was a myth, that’s a lie for kids and no one believed that story anymore. But regardless of how people saw and thought of her, she walked down the broken road, for someone who was hopeless for resurrection, a small hope would be worth the effort.

Finally, the Northern Light brought her to a place, a small hut with broken doors and windows, the place itself had no light inside, a small dining table that had been set there. While, she was deeply perplexed with the situation, she came in looking for the only hope for restoration, the foods prepared were not priority for her, though she was hungry “but foods? A little rest in the midst of pain and suffering? I would rather not “ she said to herself.

She checked the whole place with a little hope, who knows there’s this magical elixir, a Miruvor for her wounds. But, she found nothing, the simple meal on the table was the only thing prepared for.

She sat down on the floor lamenting her last day of life, because the only hope for revival was a lie, she had spent her last energy to find this place, where the northern light stood on it. She was filled with fear and sorrow, as if a legion of fear came and raided her, tears were flowing down her badly burnt eyes, her heart was so broken as if she would die very soon

She took a glance at the table. The dancing smoke on the warm food prepared looked inviting, yet she knew somehow, this should be her last meal on earth. She took a painful breath and weakly got up to the table. The soup on the table was glistening beautifully, but she did not care. There was no light left in her heart, for everything had gone bitter.

As soon as she picked up her spoon, she was startled by the sound of gushing wind breaking open the entrance door. Of course, she thought, somebody lives here! She threw herself to hide behind a couch as soon as she heard squeaking from the old floors being stepped on. “So this is how I die today, huh,” she mumbled in terror, her eyes looked around for any weapon she could use. She barely have the energy to use it, but her mind didn’t cower from thinking of all the bad things that could happen that night.

The steps got closer, and soon enough it came into view. An old man, with a long beard wearing rugged grey coat came in. He had a staff in his right hand, and a smile on his mouth. She could tell that he was home.

This Man was very gentle in speech, He came and asked her to join her for this simple meal He had prepared. But, she was confused as if He had no worry at all that someone, a stranger, is in His house.

“come and let’s have a dinner together you look tired” He said. Funny how He didn’t say anything about being broken, bleeding and looking half death, the only thing that He said was “come”, “have a dinner” and “you look tired”. She became even confused with how unusual this Man was. Then she came closer and sat on the opposite chair of Him. “this is going to be awkward” she thought. She had not been eating anything for hours and she might gone fervour, and even worst she’s never eaten any meal just between a man and a woman since the day her fiancee left her 2 months before their wedding day. That day onwards she trusted no one, and no one had ever came into her heart. But something extraordinary was what this Man asked her “how are you, how is your soul? How long have been alone?” suddenly she cried and cried not knowing how to answer those simple questions. She cried while at the same time devouring the corn soup prepared for her, she said “it has been 7 years 1 month and 27 days that I have been alone, with no one that I could trust, my fiancee left me with my best friend and they just got married few days ago, I tried to kill myself by jumping from my apartment but i failed, there was this hanger used by people from the lower level to hang their clothes, so instead of dying, that suicide attempt left me badly injured and i am dying now, physically and emotionally, if I could die after this meal, I really want to leave this world, I don’t care what the after world would bring, I could not handle the shame, this betrayed feeling, and no one loved me ever since” she smiled a bit, after telling this embarrassing story. But, He was listening tentatively, without eating a single spoon of the soup, He listened like that’s the first time He’s hearing that kind of story, but no, He’s more looked like someone who really loved me and had the best interest for me even though He knew me not.

She was taken a back by how He looked at her, “why are you looking at me like that” she wanted to get angry but she had no power, she felt very uncomfortable, that stare reminded her how her fiancee always looked at her on their lovely dates. But, she still hardened her heart with the thought that no man worth her trust.

He said nothing, as if no story were told that night. They continued their meal, and as they were finishing their simple meal, He went to the kitchen to take water to drink. He asked her to see how He drew the water, “I’ll draw some water to drink, mind to help me?” He asked, “draw water? What age are you living, you have no fridge to keep your water cool and refreshing? I think I might need one before I die” she laughed and went to help him.

“you see people came to my house, but only few actually really found my place and even if they found this house, they’re not patient enough to wait for me to come home and have a simple dinner with them, you are some of the people whom I eat with, many started to think that the Northern Light story was a lie, people start to live their life without finding rest here under this Northern Star. Even worse, they saw the food I prepared and chose to leave me and told other people that the story of healing was a tale, and the only thing left was a simple corn soup and a shepherd. They went out disappointed with the Truth, but you, you are not, you spent the whole night talking and eating with me. I want to thank you for being such a good friend for this old shepherd, come here take this water, we have eaten and it would be normal to drink some water right?” He drew the water and poured it into the glass that He prepared for her.” you are welcome and I thank you as well for listening to my story, that was my first time telling this kind of story to someone that I barely knew, by the way may I ask you? Why do you draw water? I know you are a shepherd, but in this modern world, isn’t it better to just have a water dispenser? Or maybe a container instead of drawing it from this well? “she asked.

“ now let me tell you the Truth, this is the fountain of rest, those who drink from this well will thirst no more” He said, but she smiled at how cute this shepherd is “thirst no more? I am already thirsty now, can i get my second glass?”

“I mean emotionally, your heart will not long for anything other than the one I have given you, you’ll seek no more acceptance from people, you look for no more security in other people, you will be content with what you have and with the condition you are having, no matter how hard it is, this water gives you peace no other worldly material and security could ever give you” He explained but for her this felt so unreal, yet there’s something changing in her heart that she knew nothing about. She felt the peace He was talking about. But the kind of peace really the world could not ever give her, it came from the inside, the kind of peace you have regardless your condition is, even though you know that hope is still invisible to your eyes

She felt the peace, she was at ease, and He also drank from the water. He went back into the hut and sat down in front of old book shelves, He went to take a book and gave her a book, different with the water, He explained nothing about the book. We sat down on an old chair, as he opened the book, He said “ there are also some people who took the peace away, they drank the water and left me here after they felt the blessing, the peace, they came for the blessings and not the relationship with me, it sounds like I am the one who long the relationship, but it is okay for me that they left me here, really, I mean I want to give them something more but blessings is their goal and not Me? I can totally give them more than that” She listened to Him, and it reminded her again of her fiancee, she knew right away that this Old Shepherd knew exactly how she felt, she cut Him “you know, my fiancee left me after He had sex with me, He said that He did it because He loved me so much, I gave him my everything, I gave him my one and only, I knew it was a wrong thing to do, but don’t you sacrifice for something that you love old Man? I was pregnant and He forced me to kill and abort my baby, I was 5 month pregnant and the baby died during that time because of the stress and depression that I had, I hope my baby would live, but soon I will die myself, I feel guilty that that baby could never see the world” she cried and cried “I hate him, I really wanted him to die, I wanted to kill him, I wanted to take his precious and gave him burdens to live, but i could not. Now that He got married with my childhood best friend I really had no place to run, no place to hide, and that Northern Light, I thought it would be a place where no one is there, and it would be a good place to take my life, but then I found you Old Man” she said as she cried. “or maybe it’s not about you found me here, but it is about me meeting you in the place where your heart aches the most, where your soul tore apart, and when you feel life is not worth living anymore, you found me because you actually wanted to see Me, you looked for Me and you found me, but it’s just happened to be here” the Old Man replied. “ but how did i know you, i have never met you before” she was bewildered with His response, as if he had known her for years, was he a stalker she thought, but it’s impossible to be a stalker at a relatively old age. “Why did you say that?” she asked rather confused, instead of answering the question she asked. He asked a wilder question, something no one would ask if they know nothing about her. “Hey how about the necklace you’re wearing? It looks good on you, from your ex boyfriend?” He asked.

She was scared when she heard about it, she felt like this Old Man was kinda creepy in a way, “how could you!?” she asked and moved away from Him, she took the knife on the table and pointed it to Him. But He showed no expression whatsoever, as if He knew it all along. He gave her some space as she kept on asking “ How did you know?” She screamed, the necklace that she was wearing was the engagement present from her ex boyfriend 7 years ago, all of a sudden everything that her ex boyfriend promised her came into her like a demon trying to possess her. “ i promised that i’ll never leave you” “i love you and you alone” all the other promises, sweet talks, all the romance and all the love she had ever received coming back like a hurricane to her. She screamed, she cried, she was banging her head adding more wounds to her weak physical condition.

The Old Man came to her and touched both of her shoulder, “ Hey it’s fine, I’m here for you daughter” and all of the sudden the chaos and the terror fell into pieces and peace that surpassed all knowledge filled her and calmed her. She was shocked with the peace that this Old Man had, the kind of peace that no earthly being could ever give her, it felt like a cold shower in a scorching summer or a warm blanket in a deep cold winter. She calmly asked Him “ how did you know about the necklace?”

“ i just saw it and guessed perhaps? It appeared that you were rather shocked when I asked about it” He replied. She said nothing for a moment and with her injured legs and arms, she tried to regain some strength and walked around the small hut and went to the other side of the house with a view towards the sea, the sky’s blue, there were seagulls flying above the sea and the sound of wave crashed the silence. “You see, he gave me this necklace, 7 years ago when he promised me security, emotionally, acceptance, and love, that’s the only thing i need in life, he promised and he broke it. I thought i was okay after 7 years, but the fact that i am still wearing it, it shows that i am still not over him right Old Man?”

Taking a cup of warm earl grey tea, he came and stood next to her “ bitterness, hatred and hate are actually the same thing, it is fear, you hold grudge because you fear that one day you have no more reason to blame your broken condition. Love is the only thing that will sets you free from all this feeling. If you choose forgiveness, you will have no reason to let fear controls your life” He said as He handed her the cup of tea to release the tension. She smelled the tea and looked at Him “ earl grey is my favourite, it feels like you know many things about me, forgiveness is the last thing i wanted to do, letting my hatred away will give me no purpose in life, i want to take my revenge on him” she said.

“But the fact that you are wearing it is not because of the revenge, but because of love. You still love him that much, and revenge is just a way for you to pour out all your broken soul to him and it will change nothing, but if you choose forgiveness, wouldn’t it be better?” He said. She was annoyed that this Old Man knew a lot of thing that she never opened up to people, and the fact that she’s still in love with him? That’s a bull’s eye statement.

“But it would not be fair? Where is justice, isn’t God a just God, where is His justice in times where injustice looks prevail over the just and kind people?, i loved him, wouldn’t it be fair that he loved me back? But why did he betray me?” She asked. The Old Man was smiling and sipping His cup of tea, then He asked her to come outside with Him.

There they are, both standing on a hill looking down to the city. “God is love and He is a just God. You see we all are a sinner, we are doomed to hell, there is no way to see God. But, God loved you so much, His love wants to forgive you right away, but the wage of sin is death, He’s a just God as well, it’a not easy for Him as well. Let’s say your daughters were caught for murder and the judges gave a death sentence for them, and the only way for them to be free is to have someone to carry the punishment, what would you do?” He asked. She pondered upon His question for a long time and as she was thinking her answer, they kept on walking and reached a certain place. “ i think if possible, i would die and bear the burden for my daughters, even if it costs my life, just to see them alive would totally worth my death” she answered and they reached to the top of the hill.

She saw a huge cross on the hill, “there was a man 2000 years ago, living a sinless life, but the crowd took Him to the judge. The judge actually gave the crowd a chance to release this Man or to release a killer, the crowd chose the killer to be set free, a sinner, and they killed this innocent Man on this wood here” He stopped. She remembered this story but she could not recall who’s they guy that this Old Man was telling.

“But why did he be killed for our sins? He could simply defended himself?” She asked. “ out of love for you and the world, he chose death, perhaps His majesty is not as important as His children” he replied. She was shocked and startled to know that somebody really loved her. “Who is he, i wanna know Him” she said. But the Old Man response was rather unusual “ then the nail pierced His hands, He was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities, the punishment that brought us peace was on Him, and by His wounds you are healed and you know He loved you when you were His enemies” He said, and she saw the hole in the Old Man’s palm and she knew that the He was talking about Himself, but she could not believe that this Old Man was 2000 years old, this is too real to be a hallucination.

“Hey old Man, what happened with your hands? Was the story, the Man who loved me and died for me were You?” She stuttered because it was scary for her to see a 2000 year old Man speaking with her. “ Oh no don’t tell me” all of a sudden she remembered a story that was told by many cultures, that there would be a saviour King who would fulfil the law and the prophets. “ Are you the one the prophets foretold?” She asked. Still could not believe what her eyes saw, she moved away and the Old Man tried to hold her hands but she pushed away the loving hands of the Old Man “I’m a sinner and the craziest thing is i told you all my evil thoughts, my weaknesses, my vulnerability and my scars, why would you, the King of Majesty, love someone like me?” She asked while trying to get away from Him for she was scared standing in front of the definition of Righteousness. Then she took the last glance of the cross before her and she fainted away due to fear on front of Him.

She woke up in a bedroom inside the small hut, the wind slipped through the broken windows, the chirping sound of birds flying, playing in the sky above and the sunlight went through the holes in the walls. Then, she smelled coffee from a far and the sizzling sound of meat being grilled. She knew that the Old Man was still outside, just outside the door, she resisted to meet Him, her heart told her to go and she actually wanted, but she’s filled with fear and shame once again for standing in front of Him.

“Hey, are you okay?” The Old Man entered the room bringing a cup of coffee and a big breakfast. “ how long have i been sleeping?” She asked. “3 days perhaps” He replied.

Then they looked outside the window, gazing far away and He started the conversation “my daughter, I have been waiting for this real conversation, when you screamed there up on the hill telling me that it was the worst thing you did to me by telling me your raw stories, deepest desire, and your evil thoughts, i love you no less, i am happy that you can be real with me” she then continued “ but aren’t you disgusted with my condition? Looking like a mess, blood spilled all over my body, wounded like a soldier after a huge war, isn’t this kind of scars not worthy in your sight?”.

Then He asked her “will you trust me my daughter? Come give me your hand” He then lured out His hands and mercy and love filled His eyes. Then she slowly gave her hands in His loving arms, she saw a tender love and mercy, the kind of eyes who’re willing to die for her, but she didn’t expect that the moment she gave her hands and touched His suddenly all her wounds, scars, and everything was transferred into His body. He was cursed so that she’d blessed, He’s dying so that she would live.

Then, He experienced all the dying feeling, being powerless, broken heart, yet His face showed no regret. She was shocked with what just happened. She asked “what are you doing Old Man?” She’s suddenly healed, without scars no wounds no injury whatsoever, she felt the peace as if the water of peace showered her continuously. But, she didn’t know what to do with the dying Old Man. “Why did you do it, you’re taking my burden, my everything, my pain and broken hearts, you are dying Old Man!! What should i do?” “My girl, i do this because i love you, the wage of sin is death and i love you, i don’t want you to die, as a parent, you yourself chose to die in the place of your daughters, why wouldn’t i die for you? I love you my daughter “ He spoke slowly and quietly because there was no more power in Him. Then His last whisper to her “ I’ve loved you ever since, it is finished” she cried, all the days they have been together felt so short, she loved how real His love is and the fact that He’s died now and she couldn’t do anything made her sad and felt like this was not fair for Him “He did nothing wrong, that’s all my fault, why would He bear everything” it was dark Friday for her, she was healed but feeling very sad because the Old Man now had gone and bore her burden away.

The next day, she couldn’t do anything with the dead body, she simply clean the bloods and everything trying to make Him clean and washed at the very least that’s the only she could do to pay respect for His dead body. She stayed there not knowing where to go, The Northern Light now had gone and she had nowhere to go, perhaps going back home would be better she thought and just killed herself here. She thought “ let’s just spend the last day here watching at the spectacular view the house had”

Sunday morning, she woke up feeling sad and scared with her life as the only hope she had now had gone and the only thing changed was her completely healed physical body. But again, the same smell as the days before, the smell of coffee and an earl grey tea and the same sizzling sound of meat. She continued to sleep as she felt it was only a dream or a hallucination perhaps. Then the door was opened followed by a question “ hey are you okay?” She answered “ yeah i’m fine totally fine, but my heart is completely broken, i just lost someone who had loved me so much and now He’s death because of me or maybe for me” still half asleep.

“Tell me more about the story, my daughter” He put the tray on the table next to her and sat on the couch beside the bed. “ you know there was an Old Man living here and she was talking about a suffering Messiah who died on the cross 2000 years ago and suddenly He took my hands, bore my sins and now He’s death, i knew it the Messiah, the Saviour King story was a lie, no one could die and rose from the death. I missed Him so much, His sweet voice, His gentle demeanour, His morning coffee and the grilled meat He loved the most, I love when we look out the window and saw the birds flying around, the waves, listening to the sound of wind breaking our awkwardness sometimes, but you know He’s such a good storyteller, a great one perhaps, there were times i felt He was a bit creepy because He knew a lot about me, He might not live in a huge house just this simple lovely hut beside the sea. He did not take me to the best restaurant or the best panoramic view the world offers, but He took me up upon the hill where the cross stood strong. I missed Him so much, I want to know Him more, but i guess I have to follow Him to the other world, i am sorry i was talking gibberish, who are you anyway?” As she turned her her body facing Him. “WAIT ARE YOU FOR REAL? How long have you been here?” She asked, shocked with the unbelievable sight. “ I have been here all the time, now grab your breakfast and come outside, i’ll be waiting outside”.

She was still in an utter shock, she thought “ I must be dreaming, He couldn’t be possibly here, I saw Him death two days ago, and now He prepared me breakfast, again, like nothing had just happened, but He was in pain, wounds like that would kill anyone, but He’s here? I must be hallucinating, maybe I missed Him that much, I started to seeing things.” He took the cup of tea and went outside, He was sitting there waiting for her to come and eat with Him, but instead she ran to Him and touched Him to check whether she was not hallucinating. But regardless whether He’s real or not, she just could not handle it anymore and she hugged the Old Man tight and told Him “ don’t ever leave me anymore, I was scared to death when you died, I felt like no more hope is there for me, now that You’re here, I felt like there’s a void in me that is filled by Your presence” The Old man gently hugged her back and said “ I will never leave you nor forsaken you my daughter, let’s eat! The soup is getting colder, after this, I want to take you to one of my favourite place here, but before that, let’s regain your strength first!” Then the two of them had their big breakfast, they laughed as she told Him stories about her childhood, friends and everything, it’s like she just got her soul back.

“Now, go take a shower, I’ll wash everything for you” The Old Man said, but she refused, instead she helped Him wash the dishes simply because she wanted to be with Him. Then she finished preparing herself and ready to go. The weather was extremely good that day, the sun warmed the coldness of early spring, the trees started to grow leaves, the animals were running around playing with their kins. Then, He took her to have a short walk through a calm and green pasture, and laid down for a moment just to enjoy the time they’re having. She smiled uncontrollably when she was with Him, as if she fell in love with Him, but she truly felt in love with Him, but not in a sense of man to woman relationship but felt in love with Him for His kindness, His gentleness, His nature, the kind of love who appreciates the object of love without looking for goodness that He could give her anymore, “it’s enough just to be with Him” kind of love.

“ I wish time would stop at this moment, just the two of us talking, sharing our life, enjoying the nature, do you think it’s possible? You rose from the death, didn’t you?” She asked. He laughed at her question, but He simply asked “ There’s nothing I could not do, but I choose not to do it, time goes, seasons change, there’s time for crying, there’s time for laughing, you grow not because of staying in a comfort zone, but instead taking the courage to take the next step through the valley of the shadow of the death, you might see Me no more, but I promise you that I will be with you forever “ She asked “ Why would I see you no more? Where are you going? I want to go to the place where You are going” The Old Man didn’t say anything but He simply took her, held her hands tightly, once again she felt secure with Him, the walks with Him was not like the riches of the world, where He would take you to the nicest hotel using the latest car, this Old Man was different, He’s humble, He’s just like normal people, the walks might be dangerous, but He’s good.

Then as they were walking silently through the pastures, they’re arrived at a pink coloured beach, the sound of waves cracked the silence. “Is this your favourite place? What do you do here?” She asked, “Come and follow me” Then he threw the net out to the sea and catch some fish. Then He scratched rocks to make a fire and set the grill ready for them. “ I’ll go to a place where you cannot follow, there I’ll prepare you a place, just like the hut you came in last week, but probably better” He answered her previous question. “But you told me you’ll never leave me!” She was sad with the news she just heard. “ My promise will stands, when you hear the Wind and take a deep breathe, I am there in the Wind”. He said. “But am I really unable to go to the place where you’re going?” She tried to win Him to let her come with Him, but the answer was the same. Then, she released that she would see Him no more, but to trust Him that He’s in the Wind.

“Here’s the grilled fish” He handed her the fish pierced with a long stick. “I have another question, why would You die for me? You barely knew me, aren’t you?” She asked. “ My daughter, I’ve known you since the beginning, I am God, I know more about you more than you know about yourself, and the reason why I died for you was a natural action that I would do for you, for another billions of times, even if you are the only person on Earth, I would still run to you and embrace you like it’s my first time running to you, and it’s because I love you so much” He answered it with a huge smile on His face, “ but it’s not fair for you to bear my burden, I am supposed to bear my own sin and faults, and you bore my sickness, pain, injury, both physical and emotional, how could that be even fair for You? You are God! You should be exalted, glorified, praised for your greatness, but you took this form of an Old Man, and not only that, you were in pain and died, how’s that even possible for a God to die and live in meekness like this?” She demanded an answer for this one, He smiled at her and said “ Do you remember the day when you told me about fairness between you and your ex boyfriend? He must bear his mistakes, but everyone sins, everyone must die, the wage of sin is death my love. I told you about forgiveness, God wants to forgive you but His justness could not allow a sinner to go without punishment, so He took the punishment on Him and reconciled the way for sinners to come to God. Isn’t it just? Isn’t a lovely thing to do?” “But what you did makes no perfect sense at all, You died for a sinner when You did nothing wrong” She’s still could not accept the fact that this was real. “ It does not make sense for you but It totally is for Me, God, I love you that much that I would go that far just to be with you, to see the sky laying down on the green pastures, to eat and have a conversation with you right now, what I did, the pain that I had to suffer worth the price to be with you”

She cried, not because of sorrow, because the sorrow had been changed by a song of Joy. Never in her life someone would say that she’s worth the price and the price’s death. Never in her life that someone would run that far just to see her and have a conversation with her. Though there were questions in her heart and mind but she had decided to keep it for now and just had a good time with the Old Man before He left her. They continued their conversation, not realising that the sun’s about to set. “ Look at that, how majestic is that, the sun sets on its time and it never comes too late to rise up in the morning. My daughter, when I am gone, I promise you that my love and mercy will always follow you, it will comes at the right time, no need to rush, keep your pace, trust Me in the process and I’ll keep every step of your way, and as the west to the east I have forgotten and forgiven your sins, last thing I ask you, will you forgive your ex-boyfriend? You have received a Love this great, would you share it with him and your best friend? They will see Me in you, if you love them as I have loved you”.

She paused and said nothing. “ It’s okay if it is still too hard for you to forgive “ He smiled at her and asked her to go to the last place. They walked into a forest and in the forest there’s a small house and they entered the house. She’s taken a back when she looked at the interior of the room, then she saw a man came out from the other room shouting to a woman, it was her ex boyfriend! With her 7 years ago. “ Why did you bring me to this place God?” She asked furiously, “ if you are God, then you know what place is this” She cried and cried because she’s reminded with the smell of the room and the memories she had here, this place was a the place where her boyfriend asked her to sleep with her with the promise that she would be his and he would be hers. But, the next day she felt not okay and checked herself simply to know that she’s pregnant. But, when she told him the news about the pregnancy, he was angry and could not accept the fact that she was pregnant. She asked him what to do, and the only thing he did was to beat her like a madman and finally hit her with a vase leaving her half death there in the middle of the forest. That’s the moment she felt her life taken away, her dignity, her precious, and finally being left behind by the one who said would never her behind.

She was angry, all the emotions raged in and she broke everything that was there in the room, The Old Man did nothing but to let her rage to come out, He was patient, He waited and waited, it took her the whole night to finally came down. Now the whole room was a mess, broken glasses were everywhere, cottons from the sofa flew everywhere. She asked calmly because she had no power left to scream “ Why did you bring me here? Why should I see it? Why did it happen? Why did he leave me when I needed him the most? Why did he leave me when he was my only one” She wanted to continue to ask but she brought down to tear, she cried till there’s no more tears but her heart was broken, the last thing she wanted to re-watch was played right in front of her with perfect clarity.

Finally the Old man spoke “ I took you here to show you that I was here when you were treated like a leftover by your ex-boyfriend, I cried when he took my daughter precious and left her half death, but your ex-boyfriend is also my son, I loved him the same way I’ve loved you, I know it’s hard to grasp and to comprehend, you might ask, why would I love a bad person like him? Aren’t everyone the same? I know what he did was horrible and he should face the consequences of what he did, but my love for him changes not even an inch” As he said that he came to her and hugged her tightly “ my daughter, it was such a horrible event, but as I have forgiven you, would you forgive him for doing such a bad thing to you? I know it’s not easy to replay all the event but my grace is enough for you, for when you are weak my strength is perfectly seen in you, you can use my love to love him, as I have loved you, I want you to love him too, maybe not as a lover, but as a friend or a brother.

It was really hard for her to forgive him, but in the end she let go and released forgiveness for Him. She cried her last cry as she forgave him with everything, she forgave all the bad deeds he did to her. The old man hugged her so tight as she poured out all her emotions and words of forgiveness to her ex-boyfriend. Then, she lost power and fainted with a huge release on her face.

The next day, she woke up and went outside to see where the Old Man was, there’s all this breakfast ready, a cup of earl grey tea with a plate of eggs, bacon and sausages. But, The Old Man was not there, He’s gone, She searched, screamed for Him to no avail. Then, the Wind came into the house and brought cool breeze into the living room and she is reminded with what The Old Mad said to her about the Wind. Then, her heart was filled with a huge relief, both physically, mentally and emotionally but also spiritually filled with Joy.

She dragged the chair and sat down to eat the breakfast that He made before He left and there’s note there saying “ Hope the smell of earl grey tea reminds you of Me, of the things that we did, all the conversations we had, all the breakfast, all everything. She sipped the tea with a grateful and a joyful heart. She packed her stuffs before leaving the hut.

3 Months later, she finally decided to come to her ex-boyfriend and released forgiveness to him and to her best friend. They were flabbergasted, he especially, was utterly shocked because he knew perfectly how bad his action was towards her. “what happened with you, you’re weird, you’re not normal” he asked her, “ I tried to kill myself, but in the middle of everything, I found Love, a real Love, that would go that far just to say “ I Love You” and He died for me, and that Love changed me like no other love could ever give. Because of Him as well, I finally able to forgive myself and you with all the things that you did to me, I’ve always thought that it’s not fair for you to do those things to me, I have always wanted to kill you and revenged but Love changed me, because I, myself, am also not worthy of Him but He always thought that I am worth of the price that He paid. Perhaps, God really bless the broken road, pointing me back to Him, and now I have seen the world with a new lens and it’s so much better to live with a hope for salvation.

There were times when struggles, depression, stress and loneliness came to her but every time she sipped and smelled a cup of earl grey tea she’s reminded of what she experienced in the hut, and when she felt like nobody’s there for her, she took a deep breath, paused and felt Him around her, walking in the Wind.

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